Corporate Governance

Social Responsibility

In the early stages of the mineral-development-cycle, it is important for Outcrop Silver & Gold Corp. to use practices that reflect the principles of sustainability. These principles include elements of intra and inter-generational equity, the precautionary principle, exploration and mining practices supported by science, management of environmental and socioeconomic impacts as well as the engagement of all affected stakeholders. By demonstrating our commitment to responsible exploration and mining practices, we hope to aid in promoting goodwill and providing benefits to the communities of those areas where we explore, develop or finally mine, and ultimately reclaim.

Specifically, all sampling, drilling, testing and analysis has to be conducted as per regulatory guidelines in a safe and diligent manner using scientifically established practices to ensure representative and reliable results with minimal net negative environmental impact. Outcrop Silver & Gold Corp. understands that it needs to be sensitive to the culture it is working within and the importance of an open and transparent dialogue with all affected stakeholders.

It is our understanding at Outcrop Silver & Gold Corp. that sustainability – environmental, social and economic – is of the utmost importance in the perpetuation of the mining industry. For this reason, we seek to meet all regulatory guidelines and partner with groups that conduct themselves with the same objectives.